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omg that is so emo.... [entries|friends|calendar]
Stacie Anne

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[25 Mar 2005|08:47pm]

for danielle
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[16 Mar 2005|08:44pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]


imfallingapart7  it is friends only and u MUST comment to be added i hate this lj ditzi0420 too many depressing memories so i got a new one woo hoo so add me and comment to be added peace out
</3 Stacie
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i have friends ..way more than she does [16 Mar 2005|04:11pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

thanks mike. omg stacie....hmm i would not be talking if i were you. i havent cut in a long time...ive been good. unlike you. your whole flippin arm is fucked up...and every1 can see it. u dont even try n hide it. R u proud??? cuz im not. its not cool...and ive found other ways to deal w/ stuff other than cutting. so just stop...cuz i dont kno wat u r trying to prove w/ this shit. i refuse to let u bring me down...and i wont be brought down to ur cutting level. i have friends....obviously..so u can lie all u want...but they r there 4 me. maybe u should get some.
thats what lauren said i said:

i havent cut since lent started n those marks on my arms are scars and i dont go around showing ppl n going "look i cut" i kept it a secret unlike u o yea u havent done it in a while? u did it last week..u showed me that nice bloody juicy red mark directly on ur wrist for everyone to see while the other non cut arm has like 100 bracelets on it i dont understand y u dont put thos braclets on ur cut arm actually i do understand its cuz u want ppl to know it took 2 months for someone to find out that i cut cuz i actually HID IT and didnt tell ppl and i do have friends after u got suspended do u know how many ppl were saying "good job" and "u rock" to me? no i dont think u know cuz u wernt there n after u pushed me ur so called friends pushed u away n helped ME not u cuz ur ridiculous n that fight was so completely LOW even for u i told about what u do cuz its not healthy and u could die ok i did it cuz u need help n i know i do to n thats why i have help everyone is on my side and u know why cuz I wasnt the one who started all this I wasnt the one who broke my cd player I wansnt the one who pushed you and I wasnt the one who threatened to kill you o and plus i just have a lot of friends who i can trust and who are true n who dont start fights just cuz they wernt invited to a party that was like 2 weeks ago n it wasnt even a party you are so mean and i will NEVER EVER fogive u for what u did and neither will anyone else more than 3/4s of the ppl that we know are on my side what u did was wrong on so many levels it not even funny u know i couldve pressed charges? yea they asked me if i wanted to cuz u commited 3 crimes 1. u pushed me which is assult 2. u broke my personal property and 3. u said that u were gonna kill me what did i do? nothing i just tried to get u some help im sorry that even though we're not friends i dont want u to kill ur self god n btw those comments rnt from me

GO ME!! ppl were still talking good about me today :-D i feel so special and i know i did the right thing so GO ME

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omfg wow [15 Mar 2005|04:49pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

ok heres the story before 1st period n i was in the caf looking for tegan n lauren comes outta nowhere n pushes me n shes like "why did u do that?" n im like "what did i do" shes like "u told the ppl in the office that i cut what u did was so stupid if u ever do it again I WILL KILL YOU!" n i was like "NO WHAT YOU DID WAS STUPID" (meaning cutting) n i went to go walk away n she friggen pushes me again n i slammed into the table n my cd player went flying n crashed to the ground n i got so pissed off i threw my books down n i was like "go ahead! hit me lauren see what happens i go down to 105 u started this war and im gonna finish it" n then her friend grabs her neck and is like "lauren stfu" n pushes her away n helps me pick up my stuff n shes like saying sorry n stuff n im like thanx n then i walked away n i was just out of it i was shaking n stuff n then i saw sowa n im just like "sowa sowa sowa sowa sowa" i just kept saying sowa n i was like pulling on his jacket idk wtf i was doing n then i just started BAWLING wow i could not stop crying o yea n she broke my friggen cd player too so sowa was trying to make me feel better along with tiffany n then i saw matt n asked him to go down to 105 with me n he did then i got there n he had to go so i filled out the form thing n told what happened n then i had to sit there for like 30 mins n the dean of students talked to me n i told her what happened n then i had to find the witness person outta this huge book of sophmores n i found her n so the dos (dean of students idk her name) called down lauren and the witness who will remain nameless..(shes a really nice kid) n then the cop dude had to talk to me n lauren admitted to pushing me so then the cop asked if i wanted to press charges cuz she commited 3 crimes or w/e (1. assult the pushing n crap 2. the threat and 3. damage of personal property and something about battery i forgot wat that means i think its assult) n i said i didnt no so they called my mom n told her what happened shes not mad at me cuz i didnt do ne thing cuz im a super good kid n she said that i should wait to press charges but i should make her pay for my cd player and have the school punish her well they would do that ne wayz but w/e so she told them that n they said if she ever did ne thing to me again i could just tell them that i want to press charges i was in 105 for the first 3 periods yea well im pretty sure she got suspended and she cant play water polo for a while yea ok so ne wayz all day i had ppl talking to me n asking if i was ok n going "woo hoo stacie" cuz they were glad n like random ppl that i barley know came up to me n they asked me about it n im like "how did u know" n they r like "everyones talking about it" but u know like in a good way for me like saying "go stacie" n stuff n then brians like "can i have ur autograph?" the only thing i have left to say is me n lauren will NEVER be friends EVER EVER EVER again i have bruises on my arms n chest omg well im out leave comments
</3 Stacie ps: i didnt do ne thing therefore i didnt get in trouble AT ALL pps: omg get this lauren is telling ppl that she beat the crap outta me..isnt that ridiculous? i dont recall crapping during that fight and if pushing someone=beating the crap outta someone then ive beaten the crap outta like 1000 ppl

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i forgot this sexy pic [13 Mar 2005|03:38pm]
[ mood | hehe ]

wow tegan u r one hott kid!!! i <3 u sorry i had to put this up i forgot read the entry below v

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wow my weekends just keep getting better [13 Mar 2005|01:49pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

omg ok i had my party on saturday and omg it was so much fun ok so i woke up at like 10 n took a shower n got dressed n stuff then me n my mom went to go get food for the party n when we got back i saw danielle n tegan standing in my window and my car was decorated!! omg sooo pretty lol they used sticky letters n stuff to make my window say best friends n i have pink fuzzy dice and a pink fuzzy steering wheel! so kewl i love them ok so then we hung out at my house n even that was fun i was trying to teach them how to play amplitude on ps2..they dont get it lol then we went in my room n locked the door  n my little bro knocked on my door n we were like "do u have a vagina" n hes like "no" we were like "then u cant come in" so we were drawing "doughnuts" on my white board..gross lol then we left for the party in my pimped out car o yea n i had bday gifts n stuff in there kewl kewl like a beanie baby dog that they found on the floor at the mall haha nice lol ok so ne wayz we got to the hotel n checked in n bob called i told him wed call him back n then we called lucia to get kaczors # so we could call him n make sure he was coming to my party n the bitch wouldnt give it to us shes like "i dont feel comfortable giving out his # to ppl" n danielles like "look lucia stacie is his friend to n she has his # she just forgot it and i dont think he would really care if we call him" n the bitch hung up on us so i left her a pleasnt message i said "hey lucia its stacie yea i dont fully understand y u wont give us his # thats so gay im his friend too  r u just mad cuz he got invited and u didnt or are u mad cuz he doesnt like you? w/e call me back and give me his fucking number in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GO" n then i hung up yea so then me n tegan n danielle all went back to the hotel room to try n call matt n then tegan called the bitch n shes like "kaczor likes me not stacie" umm err WRONG he doesnt like either of us so step bitch ok so ne wayz my mom called me n told me that bob was there so we went to get him n then matt showed up so we all went back to my hotel room alone n had sex...jp we changed n then we went in the pool omg it was crazy fun n then my mom found kaczors # in her cell fone so i called n his sister said he was on his way to my party HAHAHAHAH LUCIA U BITCH I WIN U LOSE TOO BAD SO SAD haha so he came aww fatty lol we had so much fun swimming n stuff n then we decided to go back to my hotel room but the fricken key wouldnt work so we had to get a new one lol so then we just went in my room n me n danni n tegan all took a shower.(in our bathing suits of course) n i dont even remember what we did o yea we ate pizza n had cupcakes lol it was fun so then we all decided we wanted to go swimming again so we did n me n tegan left everyone n went to the bathroom n found a secret passage way so we ran back n got everyone n made matt n kaczor go through the girls bathroom to get there haha n then this guy came in n hes like "may i help u" uh oh so we were like "o we just wanted to see what this place was n he was like "its a spa" so we left haha it was so funny so in the fricken pool place they played movies..while we swam..n they played finding nemo.. fricken kewl huh?? yea i bet u wish u were there lol so then me n tegan went back into the bathroom n found this kewl soap so we took it and brought it into the hott tub n im like "here matt let me rub ur back" n i got soap allll over him it was funny n this 2 really nasty ppl were like all over each other in the hott tub n like having sex not really but it was gross so we went back in the pool n then got out n went back to the hotel room n played bullshit n then me n tegan n fatty n bob all left to go wander the hotel n we were running down the halls n we ran into a dead end so bob turned around n pushed tegan right into fatty n it was really funny lol so then we went back to the room n played truth or dare but not gay truth or dare like "o u kiss her" or "o u strip" yea so ne wayz me n danielle got dared to run around the hallwayz with our shirts off but bras on so we were running n then we ran into tegan but these 2 ppl were there n tegans like "what are u doing" n this guy was like "theyre running around naked.. what a bunch of WHORES" n the girl was like "yea they are whores" yea we got security called on us but we didnt get caught muah haha so then everyone went home at 11 except for matt n me n danni n tegan n we just walked around it was so much fun lemme tell ya so then matt left n me n danni n tegan all went to sleep at the hotel..fun stuff yea  n then before we left i left the ppl that work there a note it said "we enjoyed our stay..we left some pizza for u..the room was a little dirty..i think it was our fault..we were awoken at 11:58 by half naked girls running around the hallway thanx bff <3 stacie tegan n danielle" ok thats all i didnt go pic crazy but i got a few here they are

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PARTY!!!!! [11 Mar 2005|04:51pm]
[ mood | excited ]

ok my party is tomorrow yea its on...ok so yea ive got 2 girls and maybe 4 guys coming... sorry ppl but the girl list is final!

Girls: tegan n danielle n julie
thats all sorry ppl i wanted to invite more but my mom said shed be more comfortable if she knew the girls a lil (or a lot in tegan n dannis case) so yea but its gonna be a kick ass party..swimming n crap... here IM me on my sn StacieLuvsThe90s maybe ill let u go...to this kick ass party... o yea n dont bitch me out if u cant go ok latah ppls
<3 SAC

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happy 16th birthday to me!!! [09 Mar 2005|01:20pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

hey omg im 16 as of today!! woo hoo omg so i got to school n went to my locker n i knew tegan was gonna be there but i was fully not expecting a shit load of ppl to be there..tegan sowa matt danielle brian n moni were all there tegan decorated my locker!! its all rainbow n it has a pic of michael jackson n i got balloons from tegan ..yea a my little pony one n an its a girl one..n then i opened my locker n realized that it wasnt a shit hole cuz tegan cleaned it out omg i love her and my friends so i gave everyone a hug n they all said happy bday to me omg im so loved so far 53 ppl have said it to me and its only 6th period omg this is the best birthday ive ever had omg sowa flipped his hair 3 times wow so hott his HAIR is amazing he is not ever cutting it cuz i said so jp but i <3 it yea so if u didnt say happy bday to me yet leave a comment n say it wowzers im so old jp but omg im 16 wow i got like 2 hugs from sowa like 10 from matt 3928473 from tegan n like 5 from danni cuz i never see her n maybe 4 from brian cuz im kewl like that lol omg i gg but LEAVE COMMENTS CUZ ITS MY BDAY
<3 Stacie Anne <3

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my last day of being 15 [08 Mar 2005|01:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]

ok so today is my last day of being 15 n it was fun yea im sad that im losing 15 but tis k cuz 16 is gonna be a great age yea ok so today i was going around saying "guess what" seeing if they knew that my bday is tomorrow n i was suprised at how many ppl got it right umm like danni tegan brian(kewl i dont really know him) matt i think but sowa got it wrong he said chicken butt..nice ok so i saw matt like fucking 20 times today n i NEVER see him in school he was like popping out of nowhere ok so yea yesterday my bro took be bowling as a suprise bday gift since hes working tomorrow n tomorrow IS MY BDAY i <3 bowling yea hes so nice so then i went to visit julie at work cuz im kewl like that lol then we went to tower records n steven bought me a stewie thing n its so amazingly kewl i <3 it its on my purse yea ok so i have a shit load of stuff to do tonight like umm idk i made a list
1. do drivers ed project
2. do h/w
3. clean
4paint nails
5. make party invitations
yea just shit like that this drivers ed project is gonna take forever so im probably just not gonna do ne of my other h/w cuz i have to do lots of other stuff cuz i HAVE to look really good tomorrow cuz im weird n i alwayz have to look really good on my bday but then i look like crap every other day but its ok cuz im 15 years 11 months and 29 dayz old and ur not muah haha i win ok so ne wayz..umm...umm i got some good news yesterday but im not gonna tell u cuz there r things i keep secret ok ill tell u just stop nagging ok so i got tested for stds a few days ago n it turns out i dont have ne JUST KIDDING BUT I REALLY DONT HAVE NE but thats not the news the real news u will never know muah haha i win again ok this took me like 10 mins n it was only supposed to take me like 2 but i want it to be extra long so u guys remember how i was when i was 15 god im such a loser but thats ok i <3 birthdays they rock hard core unless they suck cuz no one remembers thats what happened to me last year but tegan remembered cuz i love her but i love all my other friends too like danielle n sowa n fatty n lauren n everyone else cuz im a very loving person :-D god im so excited for my bday its not even funny serioulsy im gonna wake up tomorrow n im gonna be 16!! thats so ridiculous actually i really turn 16 at 9:36 am but stil my birthDAY is march 9th yea omg so ne wayz this whole thing was about my bday and im sorry but w/e kk im out LEAVE COMMENTS!!!!!
<3 Stacie Anne Chalcraft <3

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birthday bitches [07 Mar 2005|01:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

ok so my birthday is this wednesday march 9th im so excited im gonna be 16 finally! ok so my party is on saturday im excited about that ok so since my last bday sucked cuz no one cared im gonna see how many ppl i can get to say happy bday to me n give me a hug n make me feel special cuz im kewl like that...ill start with me ..happy bday in a day(or 2) stacie! thanx stacie u too wow im a loser but its ok cuz im 15 years 11 months and 28 dayz old so im special..well one other person shares my exact bday but so what lets just pretend she doesnt n fucking look at my pics from this weekend in the last entry cuz it took me an hour to do all that shit n u better fucking leave a comment yea ok bye bitches!!
<3 Stacie Anne Chalcraft the kewlest LOZER in the world (just cuz my bday is wednesday)

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[06 Mar 2005|04:44pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

omg this weekend was so fricken fun i swear omg! ok so on friday i rode the bus home with danielle..fun stuff.. we were talking about how someone said that dannis party was gonna be borning and we r gonna play monopoly...no we play fun games...ok so when we got to her house we decided to write a letter to the mail person so danni sat in the street (smart one) n wrote a letter it was funny but i dont remember exactly what it said so then her dad picked us up n we went over there then we did a puzzle for like 5 mins then sowa came over...sowa is fricken awesome&nbsp; no joke ok so me n danni n sowa played ultimite outburst or something its a fun game ok so then&nbsp; brian came over n we called some ppl...haha n then someone called danni n asked when he should come over n she said now so i was like "who was that" n danni was like "idk" so we had a mystery person coming to her party lol then bob came over and i dont even remember what we did so then the doorbell rang n we thought it was a mystery person so we answered it n it was just the pizza guy..yea im like "o its the pizza guy" n hes like "o did i dissapoint u?" n im like "yea" lol so then the mystery person finally came..it was dannis friend matt hes really kewl so then we ate pizza n decided to go outside so we walked to the park n it was fricken muddy so we just fooled around there n carried each other n acted retarded omg it was so fun so then we were running back n i ran into this huge pile of mud n got dirty so im like "skrew this" n i just slid in the mud cuz it was fun n i was already dirty yea so i was taking pics of everyone n they were all trying to get back by getting pics of me but i wouldnt let them n it wasnt fair cuz bob sowa and matt all had fones with cameras so it was fricken 3 against 1..not fair they got pics of me grr...yea so then we went back to dannis house n we ALL did each others nails i painted sowas nails orange n matt had purple nails n so matt did my "nails" he he put a little bit on n hes like "am i done yet" n im like "no" n so he put a little more on n hes like "am i done now?" n im like "yea" lol so then he painted my hand blue omg lol it was crazy n he did it to danielle too so then danni wrote on my stomach " i love danielle" with nail polish n i wrote "i love stacie" on hers n bob put blue nail polish on her nose n yea so then we went bowling omg it was so much fun we were fucking crazy at the place so crazy that we got kicked out...... yea cuz we were throwing the balls wrong like basketballs n throwing like 3 at once so the bitch just shut off our game so we mixed up all the shoes n just threw them up there n walked out so we were outside of the place for like an hour and it was really fun we all took 94 pics on my camera it was crazy im so over fatty hes an asshole ok so ne ways then we all went home n me n danni went back to her dads house n went to sleep so then on saturday we didnt really do ne thing but we saw a hott guy at jewel and made pillow letters n made our names with like 6 pillow letters n it was fun n then we called ppl n they called us n then we went to the movies with matt n tianna n some other guy it was fun but the movie sucked...constantine..yea n it was just a great weekend i have a lot of pics omg check it out

hott picsCollapse )

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READ THIS SHIT [03 Mar 2005|04:20pm]
[ mood | i hate everyone (most) ]

the ultimate asshole PLEASE READ n help

pyroSKJ (7:31:54 PM): thanks
FOBisforLovers75 (7:32:02 PM): o your welcome
pyroSKJ (7:32:26 PM): so what friend was it
FOBisforLovers75 (7:32:43 PM): what friend? wtf r u talking about?
pyroSKJ (7:33:24 PM): what friend did u give my neckless to
FOBisforLovers75 (7:33:34 PM): i dont remember it was like 2 months ago jesus christ
pyroSKJ (7:34:44 PM): well i'm sorry that you have no guts and you think egnoring your problems will make them go away
pyroSKJ (7:34:55 PM): well your wrong
FOBisforLovers75 (7:35:03 PM): guess what ur my problem and im gonna make u go away!!
pyroSKJ (7:35:59 PM): u want to know y sowa acts the way he does to you its because he sees what you do to your boyfriends
FOBisforLovers75 (7:36:28 PM): sowa doesnt act ne way to me
pyroSKJ (7:37:35 PM): you are a self centered bitch who      her self
FOBisforLovers75 (7:37:54 PM): yea and who the fuck told u that i     myself? liars
pyroSKJ (7:38:43 PM): then whats all those nice long red marks that just happen to look like     marks then
FOBisforLovers75 (7:39:48 PM): which is exactly y i broke up with u ok i cant handle all the other shit in my life so i dont need a bf on top of all this other crap ok jesus (lie he was just a faggot)
pyroSKJ (7:39:49 PM): i'm waiting
FOBisforLovers75 (7:40:09 PM): waiting for what?
pyroSKJ (7:41:22 PM): and wheres the part about u being a spineless bitch who hates sursital(nice spelling asshole) people even the she herself is one
FOBisforLovers75 (7:41:48 PM): i wasnt suicidal..if i was i would be dead
FOBisforLovers75 (7:43:13 PM): yea thats right
pyroSKJ (7:44:04 PM): no you just don't have the guts just like you didn't have the guts to just like you didn't have the guts to break up to my face or give me back me neckless
pyroSKJ (7:44:13 PM): thats right bitch(didnt i just say something like this? yea thats right)
FOBisforLovers75 (7:45:01 PM): aww is that all u got? the only thing u can say is "o u    " and bitch...fucker thats funny im laughing ha
pyroSKJ (7:46:08 PM): if you want more i've got plenty
FOBisforLovers75 (7:46:29 PM): wtf is ur problem?? ru mad cuz i broke up with u or something? yea w/e
pyroSKJ (7:49:06 PM): I'm made because i got grounded for a month and a half because you didn't have the guts to give me back my neckless that is worth more than you'll ever be
FOBisforLovers75 (7:49:45 PM): o no u fucking did NOT just go there asshole guess what that neckless is a worthless piece of crap
pyroSKJ (7:50:58 PM): if that neckless is a worthless piece of crap and its worth more than you'll ever be what does that make u
FOBisforLovers75 (7:51:15 PM): its not worth more than ill ever be
pyroSKJ (7:52:44 PM): I think some thing worth $200 is worth more than you since you'll be flippen burgers at McDonalds till your 80 (haha dustin wants to kick this kids ass cuz he works at mcdonalds)
FOBisforLovers75 (7:53:08 PM): umm err wrong
FOBisforLovers75 (7:53:21 PM): wow did u stay up all night thinking of that one??
pyroSKJ (7:53:41 PM): no
FOBisforLovers75 (7:53:47 PM): ha
pyroSKJ (7:54:08 PM): do you have the IQ of a grape nut
pyroSKJ (7:54:09 PM): yes
FOBisforLovers75 (7:54:17 PM): nope
FOBisforLovers75 (7:54:20 PM): sorry
pyroSKJ (7:55:17 PM): you might want to rethink that since your one of those dumb blonds that give the rest of the blonds a bad name
pyroSKJ (7:55:46 PM): thats right bitch
FOBisforLovers75 (7:56:33 PM): im not dumb sorry
pyroSKJ (7:57:13 PM): i along with others would have to disagree
FOBisforLovers75 (7:57:29 PM): ur such a fucker.. ha
pyroSKJ (7:57:43 PM): really
FOBisforLovers75 (7:57:48 PM): o yea
pyroSKJ (7:58:17 PM): st i hecked your the $2 hooker who no one wants
pyroSKJ (7:58:40 PM): *last
(this kid needs to learn how to spell and type cuz spelling it wrong just ruins the "burn")
FOBisforLovers75 (7:58:42 PM): wow im a hooker? r u serious? wow thats so amazing cuz ive never had sex therefore i cant be a hooker
pyroSKJ (7:58:45 PM): *checked
pyroSKJ (7:59:04 PM): i wonder y
pyroSKJ (8:00:07 PM): lets see your face looks like it was burnt be a pot of boiling water your so called boobs look like             
pyroSKJ (8:00:23 PM): g2g ttyl slut
FOBisforLovers75 (8:00:28 PM): fucker i hope u die
FOBisforLovers75 (8:01:42 PM): fuck u

Auto response from pyroSKJ (8:01:43 PM): Playing Xbox live. Send me a message if u want in. Its Green

pyroSKJ (8:02:38 PM): that really hurts coming from a slut like you
FOBisforLovers75 (8:03:01 PM): can u explain how im a slut if ive never had sex? or r u to stupid to know what slut means
pyroSKJ (8:03:26 PM): you make pamala anderson look like a virgin
FOBisforLovers75 (8:03:40 PM): im a fucking virgin u idiot (i really am ..im like anti-sex)
pyroSKJ (8:03:52 PM): u don't need to have sex to be a slut
pyroSKJ (8:03:59 PM): bj count
FOBisforLovers75 (8:04:08 PM): i never gave ne one a bj thats gross
FOBisforLovers75 (8:04:13 PM): but u have tell me what its like (ooooo)
FOBisforLovers75 (8:05:25 PM): dont got ne thing to say?
FOBisforLovers75 (8:05:29 PM): aww poor baby
pyroSKJ (8:06:33 PM): which if i remember corectly and you told sowa this to that you hane given bj before (i also added that i was forced i dont just randomly tell ppl he asked me)
FOBisforLovers75 (8:06:45 PM): i was forced asshole
FOBisforLovers75 (8:07:30 PM): i was fucking 11 ok jesus christ

pyroSKJ (8:07:56 PM): bullshit
FOBisforLovers75 (8:08:10 PM): no true shit
pyroSKJ (8:09:40 PM): some thing thats true is that not even Michle jackson would want to melest you because thats how ugle you are (1. no mj would MELEST me cuz no one knows what MELEST means its molest idiot and thanx cuz he called me a girl, which i am, cuz mj MOLESTS little boys not girls and its ugly not ugle)
FOBisforLovers75 (8:10:12 PM): michael jackson idiot use spell check and im not ugly
pyroSKJ (8:10:50 PM): ok
FOBisforLovers75 (8:11:00 PM): haha
pyroSKJ (8:11:15 PM): ttyl skank
FOBisforLovers75 (8:11:27 PM): o r u scared?
FOBisforLovers75 (8:11:30 PM): poor baby

stupid asshole i hate this motha fucka seriously im gonna hurt him (even though i already did when i broke up with him) feel fre so harass him his sn is pyroskj like it says up there thanx ppl haha latah

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party bitches! [01 Mar 2005|07:56am]
[ mood | awake ]

ok yea im havinga a fricken party at the indian lakes resort on march 12th idk what time yet so yea heres whos invited


whoever else wants to go

ok yea so there ya go god i have like an hour and a half left til school..this late start thing is kewl but gay leave comments
</3 Stacie

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the most kick ass weekend ever child [27 Feb 2005|12:15pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

friday-school then i rode danielles bus home so fun..i havent done that in forever ok so then we got to her house n sat down n ate n talked n then we got ready n played ddr which is such a fun game n then we put gummy bears in water so they would expand n bob came over n we went to laurnes pretty fun we played ddr n david n monica came over yep so then at like 9:30 we all went home except i went to dannis house so we made cookies n talked about all the pets she had omg it was so funny i almost died she was talking about her birds n shes like "who the fuck names a bird roberta?? come here roberta!" n then she makes a funny face n makes a noise omg u had to be there so then we did a puzzle it was like one of those photomosaic puzzles it was fun so then we went to bed n talked about what we were gonna do to the gummy bears on saturday n shes like "lets put them in the microwave" n im like "they might explode" n she goew "pew pew pew fireworks!!" yea so then we went to sleep
saturday- woke up ate breakfast then we put the gummy bears in the microwave n it turned them into liquid so we put them in the freezer n then we did more of the puzzle n then we got all sexified n then played more ddr n then went n picked up bob n then we went to the mall..not woodfield yea we stayed there for 5 hours me n danni were acting like michael jackson n saying child after everything we were like "come back here child i wont hurt u" it was funny so then bobs friends picked us up at the mall omg they were Nuts im not even joking bob was like "go 110" n so they started going like 80 n we were like "could u please just take us home" so we went back to danielles house n started packing to go to mine n we asked bob if we could paint his nails so he said yea so we went to my house n painted our nails and his n it was so great we painted his green and pink its so emo jp yea n then we walked to jewel to get rubber bands and gummy bears n this is what went down: bagger said "do u want a bag" i said "no thank you child i dont need a bag i swear" yea funny so then we got free wipe thingys n started wiping down all the signs on the street n then we started throwing them at each other n then we went back to my house n got in a fricken giant water fight n got soaked so i had to change like twice we used like 10 bottles of water it was crazy yea so then at like 10:45 danielle n bob went home...yep thats all latah leave comments
<3 Stacie Anne

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guys suck...alwayz have alwayz will [24 Feb 2005|04:01pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

guys SUCK ASS so bad im not even joking
*every guy that has ever been a complete ASS to me this year
*every guy that has ever lead me on
*every guy that has broken my heart
*every guy that made me cry
*every guy that hurt my friends
*every guy that i like SOO MUCH and i like for an entire YEAR and then they finally start to like me too and some other girl comes along n makes him confused so then he has to choose between his friend who hes known forever n is really close with (me) or some random girl that has only know him for like 3 months n liked him for like 2 which is so unfair n i hate it and this shouldnt be a tough choice to make n he should make it soon cuz im SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING but i know that im not gonna stop liking him no matter what n that sux cuz i know hes gonna break my heart

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TURNABOUT!! [20 Feb 2005|01:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

omg turnabout was so much fun! ok so i got ready n then at like 3:45 IIII drove to tegans house n high heels and a dress..and i drove good..lol yea so i got there n omg she looked so beautiful!! yea so i helped her finish getting ready n then we took pics n then we left to go pick up john (her date) n then we went to dannis house n everyone came over (lauren n casey, lucia n fatty, danni n bob duh cuz its dannis house, n me , tegan n john) n then we took pics n then we went out to eat but we were early so we walked around the mall all dressed up n this guy (he was like 20) looked directly at me n hes like "heeeey" GROSS never do that again ok so then we ate n then we went to the dance which was (omg) so fricken FUN going stag wasnt bad at all grr im really confuzed about fatty though :( o well i had a crap load of fun ok so then we went to the after party n eli was playing n ppl were moshing like crazy...woah so then me n steven n tegan n danielle n jimmy n bob n some other ppl all sat in a circle n started throwing ice down danielles shirt n then she threw a glass of ice cold water on me it was funny so then we left the party (me jimmy steven tegan danielle and bob) n we all piled into my car n i laid on top of danni n bob n jimmy so we all could fit n then we had to drop jimmy off but the rest of us went to tegans to watch saw it was fun heres some pics:

me n tegan
 all of us
 danielle n bob
bob danielle n jimmy n me..in the green in the back of my car
bob danielle n me

ok thats all *peace out*

<3 Stacie Anne <3

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[19 Feb 2005|02:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]

 me b4 turnabout i know im sexified..yea right :-/

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last day of grounding!! [15 Feb 2005|01:28pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

omg today is my last day of grounding!!! does ne one wanna hang out friday?? im going to turnabout i need to think of someone to ask..fast! does ne one know ne guys who dont have a date?? please tell me!! thanx byez
<3 Stacie Anne <3

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quick update [14 Feb 2005|08:36am]
[ mood | happy ]

wow i havent updated in like forever so ill update now friday was like the worst night ever fer serious i was crying my eyes out thank god tegan talked to me cuz i dont know where i would be right now if she didnt...tegan u rock thanx so much..ok so then on saturday my parents left the house n wouldnt let me go with cuz they said they were getting a suprise for me im like "is it a car?" my moms like "no" im like "is it a birthday party?" my moms like "no" so they left n said they would be back in like an hour..so i called tegan cuz im bad n talked to her 4 ever n then my parents got home n told me that i was going driving cuz they promised they would take me n i go outside n see a car n im like "omg u got me a car?!" YEA..I GOT A CAR omg i love it its a '93 red honda civic which is a good first car i guess but yea.. i got a car..so then my mom told me that i could hang out with tegan but i would have to add an extra day onto my grounding so yea i went to tegans house n it was really fun ok we walked to an ice cream place n tracked mud all up in there n we went to the park and ate ice cream n then we had a "fire" wink wink lol tegan u know..we're so bad..ok so then we went to the movies n saw boogeyman which is the fucking scariest movie in the entire world..ok so ne wayz in the middle of the movie this girl starts smoking so then she got arrested n this guy spilled alcohol all over n he got arrested so me n tegan n her sister got our money back..well we got free movie passes n they took r names so we could tell them what happened yea so then i was holding a door n seeing how many ppl would say thank you n like only 1/4 of them did so then i started talkin to this really hott guy who was holding the other door n tegan says he was flirthing with me which i think (and hope) he was too yea ok i got really hyper n then tegans dad dropped me off n i showed tegan my car n then i went to bed..what a fun day..so then on sunday i went driving in MY CAR for and hour and a half..i did good...yea n wow i just got a flower from tegan cuz im in school..thanx tegan u rock..yea so thats all i gg leave comments
<3 Stacie Anne <3

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im moving [03 Feb 2005|01:32pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

i fucking hate my life...my lil bro tried to kill me last night ..he tried to stab me with scissors... im not kidding im dead serious..not kewl..and btw im moving...so yea bye friends...have a nice life I DONT WANNA MOVE I JUST MOVED A YEAR AGO NOW I HAVE TO CHANGE SCHOOLS AGAIN N I DONT WANT TO CUZ I HAVE THE KEWLEST FRIENDS EVER ON THE PLANET I DONT WANNA LEAVE!! i hate my lil bro i hope he dies and i hope i do too cuz i broke im crazy some bitch said im supposed to be the good one in our group the one that isnt suicidal errr wrong im not supposed to be ne thing so shut the fuck up and btw the bitch that said that isnt suicidal shes like "look i cut my arm this weekend" n she pulled up her sleeve wow nothing was there...fricken errr im tired of all this shit..im tired of life.....
<3 me

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